About Us





Who would have envisaged that when a small band of enthusiasts set out to form an operatic society in the town of Neath in 1911 that it would be flourishing a hundred years later.  


Since its inception the society has performed a variety of shows and many have contributed to its success. It would be impossible to name all those involved over the years. The enthusiasm of its members and the continual support of the people of Neath and district has made the society and institution. We are indebted to the hard work of our members, musical directors, directors, accompanists and stage crew, without whom this success would not have been possible.


Friendships have been formed and marriages taken place when people meet through a mutual interest. Hopefully ‘Neath Amateurs’ will continue to flourish for the next hundred years and more!


“Things past belong to memory alone. Things future are the property of hope.”.


Updates to come.